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Akintunde Ahmad

Akintunde Ahmad is a junior at Yale University studying sociology. He is one of five first-place winners of Jopwell's 2016 Black Student Experience Essay Grant

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The Biggest Problem With How We Protest

In this climate, it can be as difficult to find the so-called “proper” way to express yourself as it is to deal with injustice itself.


When A Foreign Country Feels More Like Home Than America

Black Americans must consider the repercussions of their every action not only as human beings, but also as Black human beings in America. I never even considered there could be an alternative. That is, until I arrived in Ghana.

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No, I’m Not On The Football Team: Why I Chose Not To Be Recruited For College Sports

I can’t afford to feed into the stereotype that has plagued Black men in college for decades.

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What I Want You To Learn From Oakland's Murder Epidemic

In most contexts, we would not accept a reality in which senseless tragedy had become a normal part of life. Yet here we are.

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Stumped About What To Major In? Try This

I used to say, "I’m going to triple major in African-American studies, political science, and economics, but also minor in pre-med just in case I end up wanting to be a doctor." It was a ridiculous answer, but I didn’t want to feel boxed in.

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When Violence Is Your Normal

Practically everybody I knew in Oakland had a family member who had been killed, or at least shot. Everybody thought that the way we lived was normal.