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Jopwell is a diversity recruitment platform connecting leading companies with underrepresented ethnic minority professionals for jobs and internships. The Well is a collection of stories and advice to help you navigate your career.

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Coffee With: Mobile App Entrepreneur Sheena Allen

I wish I would have told myself to put my pride and stubbornness to the side and ask for help early and often. No one does it alone.

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Out To Lunch With Chef Marcus Samuelsson

There's very little in the way of a map or path to look at for guidance. You have to make your own way.

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Coffee With: Economic Researcher Abraham Nuñez

I was diligent about connecting with leaders in the advisory field who were known to take chances on young talent, regardless of experience level.

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Why This 16-Year-Old Whiz Kid Is Building A Nuclear Reactor

"Nuclear energy is a lot safer than people think," says Steven Udotong, who's building a nuclear reactor to promote alternative sources of clean energy.

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Coffee With: Aerospace Engineer Patrick Hanley

The universe will not collapse if you get something wrong the first time. If it does, you will know the next step to take.

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Coffee With: Product Manager Toye Adeyemo

I bring insights to my team so we can discuss updates and features that will help our users save time or money.

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Two Millennial Founders Talk: Why It Pays to Ask For Help

Most people know they should ask for help but have a hard time getting clear on their actual needs. If something doesn’t make you uncomfortable, then you’re aiming too small.

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Coffee With: UN Advisor La Neice Collins

I highly encourage anyone who has the opportunity to study or work overseas to do so. I’ve travelled to more than 100 countries on five continents.

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So Long, 2016 – But First, Our Year In Review

Nine months and 182 posts into our journey, it’s been a whirlwind (the good kind). Here’s a highlight reel of the stories shared in 2016.

Pic1 coffee w deshaun mars

Coffee With: TFA Director Of Partnerships Deshaun Mars

This firsthand experience of living out the educational disparities that I address in my work has made me extremely passionate.

Pic1 coffee w nathalie rayes

Coffee With: Grupo Salinas Public Relations Director Nathalie Rayes

There’s this misconception that we all need a single mentor – I don’t think that’s true. I think everybody can mentor you.

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How To Use Your Headshot To Elevate Your Career

Always be ready to make a great first impression and show that you are polished, professional, and well-prepared.


How 3 Friends Brought Together 500 Silicon Valley Interns

“I didn’t know all these people were out there,” says Black Valley co-creator Lusenii Kromah. "I don’t think there’s a door to a tech company that we can’t open.”

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Coffee With: Software Project Manager Anjuan Simmons

It's not who you know. It's who knows you and the competitive advantages you offer to organizations. Your network is your career.

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Coffee With: Northwell Health Chief Diversity Officer Dr. Jennifer H. Mieres

Growing up in Trinidad among so many ethnically, socially, and religiously diverse groups taught me that differences were to be celebrated.

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Coffee With: /dev/color Programs Director Ariel Belgrave

You don’t have to check off every box to confirm that you are a good fit for a role. An unchecked box is an opportunity for you to learn and grow.

Karen alston image by kwan taylor

Coffee With: Marketing CEO Karen Alston

I stand on the shoulders of those who dreamed, sacrificed, and suffered for me to have a better life. I can’t allow fear to slow me down.

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What It Feels Like To Be The “Whitest Black Guy”

I've had peers of various ethnicities tell me I'm "the Whitest Black guy" they've ever met, as if being Black or White comes with an instruction manual.

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Why Bringing Your Real Self To Work Is A Good Thing

"Being authentic in your career is not so much about getting a particular environment to accept you as you are, but navigating your way to environments that are a good match for who you are."

Pic 1 coffee w awara mendy adeagbo

Coffee With: Awara Mendy Adeagbo Of Collective Health

Don’t focus so much on what you should be doing. Think about what you enjoy doing.

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Coffee With: COOP Northeast Executive Director Keenan J. Turner

As long as you do the work and do it well, people will take a risk on you. Just be able to show that.

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Coffee With: Beauty Atlas Editor Lyndsay Green

I want to encourage others to travel and realize that the world has no limits. You really can see it all.


Coffee With: Spiritual Entrepreneur Nicholas Richards

I had no staff, no money, and had barely finished our wireframes. But I was pumped to be doing exactly what I wanted to do: building an idea from scratch.

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Reflections On A Historic First

How have Barack Obama’s eight years in office impacted the way we think about opportunity?

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Coffee With: Copy Director And Novelist Tia Williams

It's important to show your prospective employer that you have a gift that he or she can't get anywhere else. That's more important to me than experience.

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A Lifetime Of Firsts: The Nation’s Longest-Serving University President Reflects

How does the future look to Dr. Norman Francis, a Presidential Medal of Freedom recipient who has spent close to seven decades pushing for equal opportunity?


Welcome To The Well

We created our editorial hub as a community resource – a place to exchange stories and to empower you to be your best professional self every step of the way.

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What It Takes To Go First

It can be exciting, lonely, and scary. Here, trailblazers in our community share their tips around navigating the complexity of breaking new ground.


Coffee With: Camelback Ventures CEO Aaron Walker

We support entrepreneurs, but what inspires us is pushing back against the status quo to create a future none of us have ever seen.

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Coffee With: Marketing Executive Stacey Hightower

Creating bite-sized goals against larger targets helps create momentum toward achievement.

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Coffee With: Carnegie Hall Programs Manager Karen Cueva

I consider my vulnerability as an asset, whether onstage or in a meeting.

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Coffee With: Nonprofit Founder Oluwatoyin Ayanfodun

"Many people get overlooked because of their circumstances. We want to change that."

Pic 2 coffee w tanaya winder

Coffee With: Author And Entrepreneur Tanaya Winder

If you don’t feel you have the community space or platform you need to thrive, you can create it yourself.

Pic 1 cw donnovan andrews

Coffee With: Digital Media Executive Donnovan Andrews

Stepping away from everything you already know is scary but necessary. You have to truly believe in your vision.


Coffee With: UBS Financial Advisor Miday Wilkey

You have to be relentless in your desire to learn and grow. Talent is important, but I would choose a person who knows how to work hard over a genius any day.

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Coffee With: Actor And Entrepreneur Tigist Helen Schmidt

A friend once told me, "You have the confidence of a mediocre White man."


Coffee With: College Counseling Director Lauren O’Garro Moore

I was so used to looking around to search for role models that I hadn't realized I could be one too.

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Coffee With: Designer And Entrepreneur Barbara Clarke Ruiz

I remember looking down from a ski lift noticing that all the instructors were wearing the red Adidas Burdett jacket I’d designed.


Coffee With: Tech Entrepreneur Jordan Sterling

You can train someone to develop skills, but it is much more challenging to teach tenacity or resilience. Those abilities are innate and invaluable.

Pic 1 coffee w kathryn finney

Coffee With: Kathryn Finney, Founder Of digitalundivided

We’ve helped build 48 companies and raise $13 million in investment. We’re always dreaming up ways to continue to empower our community.


Coffee With: Bae Founder And CMO Justin Gerrard

I began my entrepreneurial journey in college and loved being involved in multiple aspects of the business – marketing, strategy, finance, and operations.

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Coffee With: College Admissions Officer Megan Red Shirt-Shaw

Admission officers are just as human as the candidates whose applications we are reviewing. We focus on making every decision with a lot of care and consideration – I promise!