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Sequoia Taylor

Sequoia Taylor is the founder and managing partner of the a technology-focused advisory firm Spry Ventures. She has completed more than $30 million in private secondary market transactions. She previously worked at UBS and Raymond James. She earned a B.A. in sociology and economics from Wellesley College and is the author of Ambitious Grads, an e-book for those looking to gain the skills and insights necessary to pursue tech and finance careers.

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I'm A Black Female Entrepreneur In Silicon Valley – And I Hate The Phrase “Beating the Odds”

The same little girl who fell in love with tech through a mediocre TV movie now has a seat at the table advising tech executives and leading nine-figure stock sales. And that has little to do with “beating the odds.”

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Q&A: What It Takes To Have An Amazing Career In Tech

"Fail fast, learn from your mistakes, and keep going," advises Microsoft general manager Laura Clayton McDonnell.

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Q&A With Charles Hudson: How To Build A Career In Venture Capital

If you can figure out functionally where you want to be, then knowing what you should do to prepare yourself becomes a lot easier.