So Long, 2016 – But First, Our Year In Review

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What a year.

Rewind to the beginning of 2016, and we found ourselves hearing one amazing story after another from our community of professionals and students. There seemed to be no shortage of perspectives and advice that inspired us, through both the wins and the trying moments, to unlock opportunity and be our best professional selves.

What was missing was a single place to share all of this inspiration. So in April, after a lot of brainstorming, planning, testing, reading, writing, and building, we launched The Well.

Nine months and 182 posts later, it’s been a whirlwind (the good kind). Here’s a highlight reel of the stories shared:

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  • We got practical, because killing it in any career means knowing the unwritten rules and getting smart about how to play the game. Experts advised us on how to network without being awkward; ace that interview; take a dope headshot; craft the perfect email; and, yes, also ask for help.


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  • Entrepreneurs shared their successes and their failures, collectively demonstrating that the limits society places on us are challenges we can overcome. Shout-outs to SELF MADE author and founder Nely Galán; actor and mathematician Justin Key; podcast founder and host Dennis Worden; Chopped champion Danielle Saunders; and high schooler Steven Udotong, who’s on his way to becoming the first African American to build a nuclear reactor to promote clean energy.


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  • "Diversity" was 2016’s buzzword, and you unpacked it, speaking to what building inclusive company cultures can actually look like; creating art and film to fuel key conversations; and exploring how race, as well as money and class, can influence our daily interactions.

At times, 2016 made us more than a little weary. But we found words, took a stand, honored legacies, and came together to create change. We also reminded ourselves to appreciate that, in the words of poet Azure Antoinette, wherever we are is, in many ways, exactly where we need to be.

So thank you to our contributors, writers, editors, commenters, readers, and the entire Jopwell community. You make Jopwell what it is, and we’re very excited for the year ahead.


The Jopwell Team

p.s. Have a story or topic you’d like to see on The Well in 2017? Hit us up.

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